Selling everything in your house?
You are better off just walking away.

Discover A Proven, Easy System To Sell Everything You Own While You Enjoy Your Weekend!


Imagine not having to buy price tags, yard and street signs,
yard tents, newspaper ads, or a moving truck
to sell the contents of your home


How great would it be if you could head to the beach, spend time with family, or enjoy a day on the lake while everything you need to get rid of is handled?


You just profit…


Sound good?


What if there was an easy system that has raked in profits for others just like you, time and time again?


There is.


I have a question…

Would you rather:

Spend days staging your home?




Enjoying your favorite hobbies?


If you don’t want to waste hours and hours:


                  Making Price Tags

                  Shopping for Signs

                  Renting and Setting Up Tents

                  Making a Newspaper ad


I don't blame you.


What would happen if after all your hard work, you still had several large items left in your living room?

Would you need a moving truck?

Would you be stuck asking your friends to help you move furniture?


I've got news for you…

 Your friends don't want to load a truck
with you on a Saturday


I want to show you the simple method we use that will allow you to go enjoy your days while:

ü   Your house is professionally staged

ü   Your items get sold

ü   Your house is ready to be placed on the market.


Did I mention there is no charge for any of this setup?


I will also use a world class, professional marketing system to have people lining up at the door to get in and hand over their hard-earned money for your stuff at no additional cost to you?


Hard to believe?


Yes, I have heard that before.



I know what you’re thinking. This is too good to be true.


Take it from one of our estate sale customers who recently wrote:


“Andy staged the house so beautifully...

Folks were lined up this morning and

busy all day. They do such a great job...."


We've been in the business of estate sale buying and selling for over 20 years…

We have thousands of not just satisfied customers, but a whole lot of raving fans…

Our marketing partners and professional staff are able to provide you with the results you need while you enjoy some quality of life!


World Class Marketing System

My name is Andy Newland and I own Lloyd's Estate Sales. My team is the only estate sale professionals in southern Virginia that can offer every single one of these benefits!

With a world class marketing system in place, we ensure that your estate sale is a huge success, and makes you a lot of money in under 3 days in most cases.


So, go ahead and call us right now at 434.446.6589. This is the best time of year for a sale, and there has never been a better opportunity to get rid of all that stuff.


We Guarantee that if you give us your estate sale, you can walk away knowing that my organized and highly experienced, professional team will take care of it all. The tags, the signs, the newspaper, the set-up, sales and clean up.


You have nothing to lose...
Except all the stuff you need to get rid of!


You have a lot to gain...

Weeks of time –

Precious moments with your family –

Your favorite hobby –

Or, (insert whatever makes you most happy here).


Let me recap…


When you call us, we will…

Organize and coordinate a professional estate sale from start to finish.

Take care of staging everything so you don't need to break a sweat.

Make sure your items will be displayed beautifully so that when the people start rolling in, your items keep rolling out.




When the sale is over, your house will be ready to list (if that is the end goal)!


If you still have questions, call us now so we can begin to give you your life back instead of worrying about what you are going to do with all this stuff.

-Andy Newland
Proprietor, Lloyd’s Fine Consignments

P.S. You might be asking yourself how ridiculously expensive this is. I mean, not only are we handling everything on-site, but we are alsousing a world-class estate sale marketing system!


Don't worry. We work on strictly on commission, so you only pay us for our performance. Yes, you read that right! Call us now - 434.446.6589

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